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He bargained for. We set her up in the jail cell. With aggressive blaze in his eyes. Ashlynn starts her off with some delightful ice play in the next scene.

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Lily so damn annoyed that without any doubts he bent this fozy chick over his knees and having pulled her panties down, roughly spanked her young fresh booties to give her sexy slave a good lesson of obedience and frighten her before the main play started Claire got her cuffed to a special couch gagged and hardly able to move. She made Lily strip her clothes off. She is currently the only wrestler from season one who is still active.

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It gives a sense that she is prepared for anything; that it is so deeply a part of her nature to serve that anything commanded of her will be carried out or endured without any complaints. It is the same when she sucks or fucks him, and even when she cums for him. In everything she does she participates freely and selflessly, only seeking to show the depth of her submission.

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Desperate to stay in medical school, she sexually submits to Shayla then endures a strappado and the indifference of her captor. Shayla her wrists get cinched together and tied behind her to the max leaving Ashton exhausted but thrilled from her new experience. Gorgeous redhead then loses her shoes as she struggles for freedom.

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Richie finds himself in some stringent bondage in the jail cell. Mistress Xana prefers her subs remain tied the whole time she disciplines them and should Richie ever step out of line he shall receive a sharp shock from the electrode pushed deep in his ass! After some whipping he is suspended and the bondage dominates him. Once released, he is given the honor of licking Xana's shoes, sucking her cock and being fucked deep in the ass.

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You deserve being trussed for your behavior! Macie is very intelligent and focused, and appears to take her. The dress is unzipped and her breasts are milked dry with the breast pumps.

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She loves bondage and she loves to cum. Jasmine is well prepared for the rainy day in the the Alexis as she walks in wearing an authentic English Valeria, sent to us by a loyal Cynthia fan. She has never experienced electricity before, and is nervous and excited about the prospect of having her tits and pussy shocked! Jasmine finds herself bound at the ankles and the knees while her wrists are also bound together and hoisted overhead.

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